Why world Peace

Religion is the knowledge on God and the techniques and practices to attain God. There is only one God in this universe.

Today there exists various religions. All these were created for the betterment of manhood to keep us in a peaceful frame of mind and promote harmony and universal brother wood. It was intended to improve our personality and condition the mind to lead pious lives.

Religions have produced some of the most beautiful human beings to have walked on this earth. For example in our lifetime Mother Terasa, Mahathma Gandhi etc became who they were because of thier religion, yet they did not get identified with the religion and spent their lives serving the whole of mankind. Having said that we cannot deny that most of today’s issues exist because of lack of understanding of religions and the disconnect it has brought within the human society.

All religion were created for humans and not the other way around. However as we can see mankind has been divided apart on the basis of religion.In the name of religion we are killing one another. Mankind has been waging wars on religious grounds for a long time now. Christians Vs muslims, Hindu Vs Muslim, Muslim Vs Jews. Even as technology and standards of lives have improved the religious wars continue to exist and grow.

Even nations have developed animosity against one another in the name of religion. In the name of God human race is being annihilated. Were religion founded for this reason?

A religion based on love and kindness is now being used for harboring terrorism. Terrorism has not allowed us to come together but in fact making it risky and is threatening whole of mankind. Religions in the name of god, instead of uniting people, has become a destructive force.

If we look back at the world history, in the name of god, religion there have been numerous wars that have been waged, and millions murdered, looted and treacherous plots and heinous activities have only resulted.God only cares about the well being of humans and not the destruction of mankind. The way things are going this carnage will only continue to get worse.

The only solution that is to the liking of GOD is all of the mankind should be united, discard all differences apart and walk in the same direction. Looking at this monumental issues, only he is capable of accomplishing this. Reason being, one always considers their religion to be superior to the others. Their GOD is superior than other GOD in their perception. Their cultures seem to be superior than others. Their traditions/customs seem to be superior. Their languages are perceived to be superior. Other religions, countries, and language speaking people seem inferior to them. Because of this reason, religion has become like a drug to people of that religions.

Truth being told, this was not how or why religions were intended to exist/function. Even though most of us realize that this is an established fact, what has been done to address this? Do the called spiritual leader act upon this? No; they only make things worse and politicize the whole issue to make things worse. All the religious leaders try to spread their religion and its doctrines, creating divisions in the society, but no one has taken any measures to unite these religions and hence the people. These actions have caused serious consequences causing great dangers to the human society. Hence it goes to show that not even the religious heads have any clarity on the fundamentals of religions.

All of the religions have produced great saints and seers. They achieved their greatness through their respective religions. These saints have realized that there is only one universal God and have realized that before the almighty all humans are equal, but their followers have misunderstood these and have created separation among people on the basis of religion. Many religious proxy wars were being fought and millions executed as a consequence of religious. None of the religions promote war rather it only preached love, brotherhood and peace but religious wars still continue and people are being tortured on the basis of religion. The people who commit hate crimes against other religions cannot claim to be part of that religion because it is against the fundamental of religions. Terrorism and religion cannot go together. When God is one, all humans should be considered to be equal. Hence differentiating becomes illogical in religion. To attain God, each religion has its own principles and doctrines. Even though these paths might differ the ultimate goal(I.e. achieving god) is still the same. To remove the existing differences and to attain God a new path becomes required. Love, brotherhood and humility should be the cornerstones of that religion which will unite the whole of mankind. This new path should be applicable for all humans alike. This religion should break all barriers like creed, cast, creed, color, language, political, countries and should unite people based on love. It should promote peace, happiness and growth. Mahaguru Parthasarathy has re-incarnated for this very reason.