Our body has temporary life, but our soul is permanent. The knowledge of realising ourself as a soul is called self-realisation.

One who can realise self can realise his leader the God. One can find the way and answer about him/her self while raise a question "who am I?”. In the path of meditation and wisdom, one can realise self.

This body is unstable, but we think it as a stable one during our life time. Nobody knows what will happen when? How many troubles and problems this body face during our life time. With this body, we don’t live happy or peaceful throughout the life.

In major we suffer and face health issue. Infinite number of problems and diseases attack this body. But sage Thirumoolar says that this body is Lord’s temple.

Sages don't give importance to this body. So Thirumoolar has felt humiliation over his body. Later he says that he found a precious thing within the body called Soul.

How did he find his soul ? He found through meditation and wisdom. We find father and mother as parent to our body. In the same way there is parent to our soul which is called Omnipresence, Paramathma etc.,

Thirumoolar realised that this soul has come from the Paramathma. Hence after realising this truth, he praises this body as temple, and practice rituals and meditation as performed in the temples.

There is a historic note that he lived long in this world because of this practice. There is a note that he lived 3000 years and has sung 3000 couplets, one couplet per year.

This note is subject to scrutiny. But he realised himself as a soul and realised that the soul has come from the Paramathma is true. So, he tried to merge with the Paramathma and tried to unite with the Lotus feet of Paramathma.

Every human being can become eligible to unite with the God by practising the yogic path. Hence we all should find a reverend guru, should follow the teachings of guru and should realise the Self and God.


Yoga is a Sanskrit word. Means that being joined or being united. The name Yoga was given to mean “ realise the soul within our body and unite It with the holy feet of the almighty”.

We say that some one is very lucky and is fortunate in general. Why do we say so? when one attain designation or gain social position or gain money or gain all good fortune, we say a person is very fortunate and blessed. i.e. something is joining, is uniting with that person. The word " Yoga or Yogam " is used to mean this fact.

For e.g. we say some one is "fortunate like King" using the word " Raja Yogam “. We also have a technique in Yoga named "Raja Yoga”. Both the Raja Yogam and Raja Yoga are meant to be the same.

There exists plenty of types in Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hada Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gnana Yoga, Athma Gnana Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga, Geetha Yoga, Mantra Yoga , Jeba Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Simplified Kundalini Yoga, Brahma Gnana Yoga, Omkara Gnana Yoga, Vaasi Yoga, Shiva Yoga, Shivaraja Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Shakaga Yoga, Yoga Nishtai, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Brahma Sutra, Brahma Viththai, Siddha Viththai are some of types of Yogas that is available. Those whoever want the type of Yogas can find and surrender to the Reverend Guru and practice them.

In the same way, we use the word “ Yogam “ in our daily life in some occasions. For e,g, we ask “ what is the occupation of the bride groom? ” using the Tamil word " Udhdhiyogam? ”.

When enquire about marriage, some may ask “ has the wedding fortune came to the boy? " or “ has the wedding fortune came to the girl? “ by analysing the horoscope of the man or woman.

Also we enquire the carrier by,” How about the Career Fortune? “. The word “ yoagm “ is also used to mean luck and fortune. Something is added, combined, united is the real meaning of the word Yoga.

In the ancient days Siddhas, Sages and Yogis realised themselves. They found the answer " I am an Soul " to " Who am I? “ through realisation. After realising the self, they attempted to find " from where did this soul come?, what is the home of this soul? “. They found the answers as “ the soul has come from the almighty, Lotus feet of the God is its home “.

Hence they formed the word “ Yoga “ and used it to mean " to unite the lotus feet of the God “. They practiced the types of yoga’s like Shiva Yoga, Shiva Raja Yoga, Vaasi Yoga etc., to unite the holy feet of the God. They did succeed in their goal through practice and attained the pride state called Siddha, Sage, Rishi, Brahma Rishi etc.,

So the word Yoga is related to Spirituality. Yoga and Spiritual are not different. Majority of people has misunderstood that Yogasana i.e the posture of Yoga is Yoga. What is Asana? It means posture. For e.g. what is Simmasana ?. Simmasana is the seat of the King.

In the same way, the sitting posture or living posture of Sages is called Yogasana. Yogasanas help us to keep the body healthy. Yogasanas has resolved many health issues of the body.

Sages and rishis learned many of the Yoga postures from the anatomy of the animals. For e.g. formed an posture using the anatomy of snake. In the same way they used the anatomy of Cat, Tiger and Camel etc., Practiced them and witnessed the benefits.

They formed some asanas after witnessing the benefits of such postures. Since they lived in the forest mostly, formed many asanas from many animal posture. In this way many asanas [ posture ] were formed.

In the same way how the teaching of Reverend Guru and practise of meditation help to keep the mind healthy, Yogasanas help us to be healthy. Sages used Yoga to keep both the body and mind healthy, and unite to the holy feet of God.

In this way the sages and maharishis has formed the yogic steps in the ancient period. These yogic steps were taught by Guru to the students via Gurukulam. It has spread in this way and become familiar worldwide today. This is the shortest history of " Yoga “.