Sanadhana Dharma

Like the goddess Mahalakshmi unite to the Lotus feet of Lord Mahavishnu, every Jeevathma should unite to Lotus feet of Lord Mahavishnu is called heaven, beatified and “ Sanadhana Dharma “.

Sanadhana Dharmam was the initial name given to religion Hindu." Sana " represents Lord Mahavishnu and " Dhanam " represents Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Sana can also be pronounced as “ Jana “ which is meant to be Lord Vishnu’s name Janardhanan. “ Dhanam “ means Treasure, refers goddess Mahalakshmi. Goddess Mahalakshmi is always at the service of Lord Mahavishnus holy feet. Goddess Mahalakshmi is the representative of all the Jeevathmas of this universe. She is pioneer to all the jeevathmas.

Human beings should relieve from the ego, desire, karmas. Should surrender and unite to the lotus feet of the Lord, and be liberated. Human beings should be free from ego. Thats why Vaishanavites use the Tamil word "Adiyaen" while they converse. Adiyaen means, those who service to the Lord. They felt great to do service to the worshippers of the Lord.

So, “ Adiyaen " is practised to attain the ego free state. No one should think "I am great”. The greatest of the universe is Lord Perumal. Perum [ Great ] + All [ personality ] = Perumal, in language Tamil.

The servicer’s of the Lord Perumal are called as Bhagavathas. That's why the Vaishnavites call themselves as "Adiyaen Dasan”, means Servicer Of the Lord. So, the human should be free from Ego. There is no use of using "Adiyaen" just for name sake. Should be matured by mind to be a servicer of the Lord.

Sanadhana dharma has been insisted by all our sages from the ancient period. Later period, many divisions like Saivam, Vaishanvam, Jain has developed within religion Hindu. Every division prime focussed their deity.

Vaishanvam focussed Lord Mahavishnu, Saivam focussed Lord Shiva, Skandha Puranam focussed Lord Muruga, Vinayaga purananm focussed Vinayag and Amman puranam focussed Goddess Amman etc.,. Each division insisted the dharma in every way.

Majorly we think that lending, helping or charity is called dharma. Teaching is itself a dharma. Teaching the study of “ Immortal Art ” is the superior dharma. Our ancestors has followed the dharma in so many ways. By following these dharma, people can attain birthless state, earn goodness, attain heaven, can live long, attain Vaikuntam, attain Kailayam, attain World of Brahma etc., So all these dharma will help us to earn many higher states.

Dharma will save us. It doesn’t simply mean that it will save our life but will also save the soul to attain its goal of birth i.e. birthless state. We can lead a quality life if we follow the Dharma. This life of higher virtue is called Dharma.

So we all should refine our mind, thought and should follow the moral life, and attain higher qualified state. Human should also be free from desire and greed.

Desires are the reason behind all the disasters of this world. Citizens of this Land suffer a lot due to few peoples desire towards ruling power. Economy face critical issue due to the arrogance of those people

Ego and arrogance rule this world and leads to disaster. Develops slavery and inequality. Human beings should cross these obstacles and bring equality. Every human is equal and the Lord is common to all.

God's creation is all in common. For e.g. Earth, Space, Water, Wind and Fire are created common to all by the Lord. All jeevathmas are equal and all the species are equal.

But the power, ego and greed maniac of humans divide and rule everything. All these make and tend to play bad tricks. Human should leave all these bad qualities and should unite to the Lotus feet of the Lord is the meaning and objective of the Sanadhana Dharma. Let us all attain the holy feet of the Lord by following the teachings of the reverend Guru.


Surrendering our ego factor called “ I ” to the Omnipresence is the philosophy of surrender.

Ego originates in a human because of ignorance. Hence desires originate due to ego. So, removal of the ignorance is meant by surrender. Surrendering our ego and desires unto the Lord is meant by surrender.

After that, being “ everything is Lords act ” is surrender. Being “ I don’t exist and the Lord only exist ” is surrender. Lord only exist here is the truth, and that is the surrendered state.

The planet Sun is a huge red fire block in the blue sky. What will happen to the light of a small lamp that is brought in front of of the Sun? Will it be invisible. No, it will not.

Soul is like a small lamp and the Lord is like the Sun. When this tiny soul unites with the Lord, the soul becomes invisible and the lord will only exist. The soul will lose its light and self. Losing self to the Lord is actually surrender.

What is meant by losing self? Actually losing the thought factor called “I” to the Lord. It is meant by surrender and true one. There will be no soul and there exists only the Paramathma. Such souls will stay as “ everything is Lords act ”.

No place for ego there. Lord will not stay with those who is egoist. If only you leave ego, Lord will stay with you. You should leave your ego and desire. Such state of “god only exist”, is meant by surrender.

Hence we all should realise this truth and surrender our ego called “I” unto the Lord.