To discern the truth in every thing of whatever kind as it is is Intellect. Has the power to reveal the truth. And is the prime factor which differentiate human from animals.

Do not believe your eyes, as anything you see can deceive you. Trust your intellect; as it clarifies your mind, identifies the truth, and it never lies. - says a poet. Hence the intellect has the power to reveal the truth as it is.

Intellect is the prime factor which differentiate humans from animals. Human beings have evolved from animal, and only their intellect has raised them to human level.

Yes, human beings only have rationality which identifies the difference between good and bad. That’s why they are in higher level. Hence the sage Avvaiyar has sung in her couplet that, “Rarest of rare is to be born as a human being”.

In our culture, ancestors has worshipped the Intellect and prudence as God. Yes, our ancestors has built temple to the Intellect. Worship of Lord Vinayaka is of this kind.

Our sages has said that know about the Lord is meant to be intellect. Language Tamil gives word “ Arivu “ to the intellect. i.e (H) ari + (V)u(nar) is to be called Intellect. Knowing and realising the presence of the Lord Hari ( the omnipresence ) is its meaning, hence is the definition of intellect in Tamil.

Not only Lord Hari, knowing the Lord Shiva or Lord Brahma is also be called intellect. Since the god is one, though we call by many names. To exhibit this truth only, Lord Krishna has said in Bhagavad Geetha that he steady the faith of a devotee in the the same form he/she seeks.

Hence it is 100 % true that the God is one. Hence we all should realise the truth that God is omnipresence, exist here, there and in everything. It is called intellect.

If only you think rational, you can realise the lord. All sages, rishis and yogis have realised that “ Realising the God “ is intellect. They also worshipped the intellect as the primary Lord Vinayaka.

The Third eye of the Lord Shiva symbolises this intellect. In the same way how our eyes are useful to see all physical things, intellect makes us know and realise everything. Hence the intellect is called the Third Eye and we all shall worship it.


To prove the existence of God one should be rational. But many has false belief that denial of existence of God is rationality. Only if you think rational, you can realise the Lord as Hari + Om.

We should be rational in discern the truth in every thing, by whomsoever spoken. To recognise the truth in every thing is called knowledge or intellect. Are we really so? No, we are not.

Each one gives each content, comment and summary to Thirukkural to their convenience. In the same way teach one gives each comment, summary to Bhagavad Gita and follow.

But very important is, know the things and its truth as it is. Many stumble in knowing the true meaning of things as it is. And it happens every time to everyone. There is difference in perspective for every issue with everyone. This perspective difference in view and meaning happens based on their knowledge.

So we need to be rational and sensible in finding the truth. Thats why a poet has sung, “ Nothing has happened for very long time because of the fools who believed the salt crystal as diamond “.

This means that there are more persons who can be cheated easily. Such people don’t use their intellect and sense. They just believe whatever has been said. Such senseless behaviour makes many people to be pushed into grave.

Means that they were blinds those who don’t get the master who can remove ignorance of the student. And is equivalent to, a blind person shows path to another blind.

What would be the result? both the blind will fall into grave. Such kind of masters are available widely nowadays. The blindness here refers the ignorance of the student, and it doesn’t mean the defect of the organ eye.

So our knowledge should be clear. For that clear knowledge we should be sensible and thoughtful. People get cheated and fall into grave because of ignorance of the true path and lack of proper guidance.We should examine, analyse the things whatever been told by whoever, and we should be rational.

Rationality is not the one which says that something is not there. We don’t need rationality to say something is not there. We need rationality to say a thing is there. If we say a thing is there, then we need to prove its existence. To prove the existence, we need to be rational.

Let’s analyse few Tamil words here with their deep inner meanings as follows.

Tamil word “ KADAVUL “ which means “ GOD “ in English.

i.e. KADA [ Cross ] + UL [ Mind ] = KADAVUL. Means that we need to cross our mind. In the dictionary of Language Tamil the meaning of the word KADAVUL [ God ] is " cross the mind " or “ the one beyond mind “.

Tamil word “ Arivom “ which mean “ I Know “ in English.

i.e. Hari [ Lord ] + Om = Arivom. Means that I know the existence of Lord Hari.

Tamil word “ Arisi “ which means “ Rice “ in English.

i.e. Hari [ Lord ] + Siva [ Lord ] = Arisi. First letter of Lord Sree Hari and first letter of Lord Siva are combined to form the word ARISI.

We had actually split the word and find the true meaning of the full word. This is rational path. Those who call themselves rationalist should think about these factors.

Sage Agathiyar is the first one to compile grammar to Language Tamil named Agathiyam. He is a spiritual person, a great siddha and yogi. If we read the grammar [ Agathiyam ] of Tamil Language, we can realise that Agathiyar is a great sage.

Tholgappiar is one of the disciple of Sage Agathiyar who has also written grammar to Language Tamil called Tholgappiam. He is also an great siddha and sage. Azhvaar’s and Nayanmaar’s had sung innumerable spiritual poetries. So, we can realise that the spiritual leaders, sages and yogis had grown this Language Tamil.

What's the meaning of this couplet? Tamil scholars in general will say that, "They who are united to the glorious feet of GOD who passes swiftly over the flower , shall flourish long above all worlds " as its meaning.

Which flower is referred here? How the glorious feet of GOD will look like? How to unite the glorious feet of GOD?

Thiruvalluvar knows the answer to all these. Hence he sung this couplet and mentioned how to unite the glorious feet of GOD. Thiruvalluvar is an wisely experienced and his wisdom was very clear.

Also he become the example to the meaning, "if you do so you can live long in this world “.Did Thiruvalluvar lived long? Yes, he is living till today even after 2000 years through his Thirukkural.

He lives long because of his pride, because of the blessings of the GOD, because of his union with the glorious feet of GOD.This is called living long.

Our sages were pure rationalists and they reached the peak of the rationality. They compiled dictionary of language Tamil with proper meaning to every word. Wisdom is the base of this life.

Beauty of religion Hindu is that it gave importance to Knowledge and intellect. They gave a form to intellect as Lord Vinayakar and worshipped. Hence spirituality is purely rational.

Definition of Human

Language Tamil gives the word “ Manidhan “ to mean “ Human ” . i.e. Manam [ Mind ] + Idhan [ Matured ] = Manidhan [ Human ]. One who has matured mind is called human.

How do we identify the maturity of a human? One who is with love, compassion, clemency, mercy and humanity is called human. One should behave matured and kindwith intellect is to be called as human, not just the physical human form is enough. We can’t call a person a human if he don’t have maturity.

“ In the nation where beasts live in the guise of human, justice and honesty will be in the records for just name sake “, says a poet. Since the human has all the natures of animals.

“Scrolling pots while we sleep is nature of Cat; Make prey everything that is in the river is nature of crocodile; Destroying things that looks good is nature of monkey; But all these natures are combinely present in human”, says a poe

The reason is that humans have all the characters of all the animals. It’s not sure when a human will behave loveable and when will turn wild?. Since they now become dangerous kind than the animals.

" I actually search for human being ", is what been told by a poet when he was questioned about his act of searching something with torch in the noon. The poet mean here that human form is available but is not being human.

Another poet has sung, ” There is no tail and four legs; but many beasts live in the town. All actual animals of the forest are far better than that of these animal which live in the town”. The poet wants to convey that beasts live in the guise of human in the nation. Yes, the humans and humanity were missing.

“ How much tiny mind the mighty human has; how much broad mind the tiny bird has ”, says a poet. Yes the human behaviour has gone lower the that of animals.You have human form. So, you should live as human being. If you live like animal in the guise of human, dangerous results will be seen.

“ Oh how much low the human mind was given; He wraps and hides the lies and stealth in his mind “, says a poet. Because we will stay away from tigers and snakes by looking at them as we know that they are dangerous, but is tough to predict in the case of humans.

Many humans are there who are more danger than tigers, snakes and animals. How do we go to escape from such persons. Such persons were found in the past and present. These type of persons should live as human being. How come? If love, mercy, clemency, compassion and humanity develop in them , they all will turn as human beings.

Religions worked to develop such qualities in humans.Yes, all religions tried to make humans as human beings. All religions tried to unite humans to the Lord. And they helped humans to liberate and attain heaven. Did humans were successful in this? few humans attained such great state. Truth is that many humans don’t even realise this.

A human look like human just by his physical form, but his nature is of kind stealth. But the same human has higher and matured qualities too. All the characters of God were also found in humans. God exist in the mercy, clemency, compassion, humanity and love of humans. God is found in the truthful smile of children’s. Realised and human with clear mind find God in these ways.

Sages find God in everything and they say, "God exist everywhere". Persons with matured mind are only humans and not others. To live as human being should be the goal of humans. Hence a poet has sung, ” Register in mind that you should live as human being; And you are the right hand of the growing world”.

So, a human should mature himself using his intellect and should live as human being. He should live with full of love, maturity and humanity. This will stabilise peace in the world.