An act or action or our speech or our thought is meant to be Karma. And their reaction is fruits of karma. They are karma done in past, present and fruits of karma that we are going to face in future.

Three types were there in the theory of karma and are namely Sanchitha Karma, Agamya Karma and Prarabdha karma respectively. Prarabdha means, one which is imposed and given.

Since the fruits of karma are cause of the birth, every human becomes reason for his own births. Birth is not given by God as majority of people think. only the karma’s are the reason behind it.

We don’t know about the Karma that we did in our earlier birth. But In our current birth we can consider the karma that we did in the past of our current life, can decide about our current act and control their future results. Hence the karma is very important. There will definitely a reaction to our each and every act.

Whatever has been sown hidden in the ground, the crops will germinate and show the world that what has been sown. So, there will definitely be reaction to our every action, either by thought, speech or act. It’s called as karma reaction or fruits of karma.

An speech is also a karma. Speeches of sages gave great benefits to this world. Such benefits are termed to be fruits of karma. Someone’s speech did great disaster to this world, it is also a karma reaction.

Good and bad karma's were there. These karmas play great role in one’s life. One experiences good and bad things due to his own good and bad acts, currently and in future. Karma that did in 5 minutes’ back is also accounted as earlier karma. Will get good for good deed and bad for bad deeds as said by sage Thiruvalluvar, "We reap what we sow”.

Even the karma did in current second may yield reaction immediately, like a person get scolded immediately upon his scold towards others, like If a person beat another person the other person beats him back immediately.

You reap what you sow. If you love, you will be loved. So, after realising the karma theory, sages advice us to, "give others what you would like to get”. This defines the fate and fate of a person is in his own hands.

Many mistakenly think that God writes fate of a person. But the truth is that the karma did by a person only defines his own fate.Good and bad results were given by his own karmas. This is called fate. So, the fate of anyone is written by himself blaming the Lord for his bad experiences is pure ignorance.

The Lord is just a bystander and he just stands as the witness to your karmas and their reactions. The fate is not written by or given by the Lord, just your own karmas only write it.So, the benefits of this karma becomes the fate and this fate defines the life. God never interferes in anyone’s life. Everyones life is defined by themselves only.

God never interferes in karma unless one prays to God and ask for relief. Till that, the God is just a bystander. Outcome of our own karma’s only keep save or destroy us.

Outcome of our karma’s only do act as Three Gods [ Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva ]. How? Karma’s are the reason for us to take birth, to be saved and destroyed or transformed.So, live by good thought, good speech and good act. Life will resemble their own thoughts and acts. And the fate is in their own hands.

Birth and Death

There is a common belief that birth and death were not in humans control, and were given by the Lord. But the truth is that it is in the control of and is in the hands of humans in reality.

What is the reason for birth and death? Our own Karmas. What is karma? Any physical act or any mental thought is called karma. The reaction of that karma is called the fruits of karma.Yes, karma is the reason for our birth and death. Who is the doer of karma? Humans are the one.

So the humans decide their birth and death through their karma. It is decided by humans without their knowledge. Humans doesn’t know about this deciding fact, their good deed and sinful acts.

But they continuously do good and sinful acts. Hence they face joy and sorrow again and again. Man doesn’t know when the birth and death will happen. He think that it is not in his control. But the truth is that he writes his own fate through his own karma.

But man don’t realise this. And he blame the Lord for his every act. For all his joy and sorrow, he himself is the reason and is totally in his control. He can do good and sinful deeds. So he commit those acts and face the fruits accordingly.

He must harvest the fruits of his act as per the quote “ whatever has been sow hidden in the ground, the crops will germinate and show the world about the seed ”

As per the quotes, “ We reap what we sow, No good or bad thing will come to us through others “, one himself becomes the reason for his own fate. Karma is the reason for all these and is created by human.

He himself is the reason for his own birth and death. The Lord has given the way to conquer these in his hands. Sages, rishis like Thiruvalluvar has showed us the way to live a “Deathless Life “ and “ how to conquer the death “.

Thiruvalluvar refers the "birth" as pain in this couplet. Ego and desire of men arise due to their ignorance. When ignorance vanish from a person, his ego and desire will not arise and they get destroyed.

Once the karma gets destroyed, one will not get birth says Thiruvalluvar. Hence, ego and desire are basic cause of one's birth.

Truth is that desire is the root of all our births, not only the cause of our suffering. Birth will be sure if there is desire.

Lust is one of the names of desire. Lust initiates intercourse in men which lead to birth of a baby. Lust itself is a desire and is the cause of birth.

Hence, every soul should destroy these three faeces namely ignorance, ego and desire to cross over the ocean of birth. What is called faeces? the dirty scales are called so. On destruction of these three faeces, the birth cycle can be destroyed.

Death is for sure if there is a birth, nobody can escape from the death. God never gave anyone “the boon of deathless”. But our sages has showed us way to conquer it through their life. We need the blessings of the Lord to live such deathless life. God showed us such path.

Leaving this body doesn’t mean that our life comes to end. Sages and rishis actually live a blissful life even after leaving this body. They lead a deathless, blissful and lengthy life as eternally released souls called “ Nithya Sooris ” by uniting the heavenly feet of the Lord. This life is actually called “ Deathless Life “ and to attain this we need to cross over our karma effects.

Yes, to attain the deathless blissful life, one person need to cross over his karma. One should learn the way to attain this state from reverend Guru. By practicing this spiritual path, a single person can show the way of liberation and give relief to his descendants.

So, let us all attain such higher state by learning the way from a revered Guru.

Birthless State

The higher state which all sages love and prayed to the God. It is actually the state of uniting with the holy feet of the Lord and stay with the Lord always.

All the sages wanted not to forget the thought of the Lord whenever they born. What is the reason behind this? They actually wanted to stay with the lord. Hence they loved this birthless state, and if born not to forget the thought about Lord.

Even the sage Thiruvalluvar who advice humans not to have desire, allows to have one desire that is desire on the almighty. He says to Desire the desire of Him who is without desire.

Why so ? Since to attain the desireless nature of the Lord through thinking and chanting the Lord. Hence all the sages prayed for desireless state and was their prime goal to reach the Lord.

Cross over the benefit of our own karma is called the Birthless state. i.e. cross over the outcomes of our own good and bad karmas.

Not only the bad karma, even the good karma yield the darkness called rebirth. Hence a human should also cross over the benefits of his/her good deed.

Majorly people think that they can unite to the holy feet of the God only after the death. No, it is not true. A human with desires won’t unite the holy feet of Lord after his /her death. Because of the desires he/she left with, the soul of dead human roars in this world itself. And is what we call as ghost or bad spirit.

Desires become the reason for the all the disaster. Without overcoming the worldly desires and crossing over the outcome of the karma’s , no soul can unite the Lotus feet of the God.

The souls that unite the Lords feet are at bliss. The spiritual teachers preach their students to unite with the Lord while they are alive, and not after their death. One can hold the Lords lotus feet of God while he is alive and is the only way to live long in this world.