Incarnation of God

“ Whenever there is a decline of dharma and a rise of adharma, O Arjuna, then I incarnate Myself “, Said Lord Kannan in Bhagavad Gita. Is it really happening?. Yes it is.

So much immorality and injustice happens in this Kailyuga, does Lord Incarnate? Yes, he keep on incarnate. Humans don’t realise and understand this. War against adharma happens continuously.

Though adharma raise steadily, war against it is happening continuously. Plays of the Lord exposed firmly. Many sages born and still achieve great things.

For e.g. Ramanujar who even praised by the atheists as the revolutioniser in religion Hindu has born 1017 AD. He is known as incarnation of Adisesha. He is also known as Ilayaazhvar. He not only insisted but also followed the concept that all are equal and there is no caste based partialities by birth.

He wear the sacred thread to everyone and did Panjasamskaram. He saw only the devotion towards the lord, not the caste or religion of people. He believed that everyone is worthy of the Lord without caste and religion.

We can find in history that women from religion Islam loved and devoted the Lord from religion Hindu. Thulukka Nachiar is a good example. Religion Hindu gave them place in history and they are also worshipped as the Lord. Yes, Thulukka Naachiar is worshipped equally like goddess Aandal even today.

Islamic women loved Lord Ramapriyan of Melakkottai Narayanan Temple and become Goddess Thulukka Naachiar in the same temple. This historic event has happened during the period of Ramanujar itself. Ramanujar himself recognised this devotional relation. He revolted against the caste system around 1000 years back. And is “ DharmaYudham “, the war against the adharma.

Karl Marx could be a atheist and he would have said “ Religion is Opium of the people “, but he revolutionised capitalism. The Russian Revolution under the leadership of Lenin in 1917 which was praised by poet Bharathiyar “ Oh ! See the awakening Yuga revolution !! “, is also the war against the adharma.

Though they are atheist, No one can deny that this revolution is against the adharma. Can any one deny it? No. And this revolution was against the cruel government by king George.

Lenin said that farmers and labourers are the foundation of this revolution. Stabilisation of Karl Marx’s communist philosophy by Lenin is itself the stabilisation of dharma. “ Dictatorship of The proletariat is Democracy “, said Stalin. Yes, it is also a revolution against Adharma.

People revolted in many countries of the world today. Many people and leaders revolted against colony domination in many places. How are these people coming up? It is because the war against adharma keep on continues, although this war don't happen in the name of God.

Lord Krishna says “ Everything is me and I'm in everything “ in Bhagavad Geetha. So he says,” I am inside the revolutionaries “. It’s true since he lies inside them, and the task is also done by the Lord himself. He is the base of everything and nothing can move without him. So, this revolution against the adharma is also done by the Lord himself. Such huge revolutions happen only due to the mercy, kindness and power of the Lord. That's the truth, even the atheist can’t deny it.

Bhagavad Gita says that the Lord reside in everyone and the Lord Krishna says, “ I am the killer; I am also being killed “. Hence its evident that we can’t isolate the Lord from anything.

He emerged in the form of Ramanujar, Raghavendra, Madhvacharya, Adhishankara and also in the forms of many sages. The war against the adharma happens non stop and is continuous. The time will come when the Lord comes directly and say, ” I am the leader of this war “.

The words of the Lord never fail, and are true. So be positive. Dharma will win, God will emerge and establish Dharma.

The Lord and communism

Communism is nature of the God and he is the first communist of the world. All creations of the god in this world is common to all.

God's creations such as the earth, water, sky, air and fire are in common to everyone. He gave everything to all people of the world, not for just one person..

Nature gives resources in his creation. Animals, even plants and trees are common in nature. Everything is common in nature. Who divided everything and possessed all? Humans. Yes, they only separated the common creations of natures. And they made boundaries through the power of rule.

Human beings formed towns, cities, districts, states, countries and boundaries. They only separated but the Lord is communist by nature. There is no partiality and differentiation in God. There is equality and brotherhood in him. We find love, warmth, kind and compassion in the Lord.

Human beings formed towns, cities, districts, states, countries and boundaries. They only separated but the Lord is communist by nature. There is no partiality and differentiation in God. There is equality and brotherhood in him. We find love, warmth, kind and compassion in the Lord.

We find dharma, justice and every goodness in God. He gave everything to everyone, but the humans separated everything. The quality of humans is the cause of all divisions.

Birds do not need visa, they travel across countries and continents. They do not take any visa for their journey. All species live peacefully. Only the human beings made their life problematic and lose peace.

But only these human beings have rational thoughts and are greatest creation of the Lord. They have brilliance, know the difference between good and bad. But are in poor condition than the animals.

Human has characters of cat, wolf, crocodile, lion. And he posses all the natures of animals. But this human being can also become like God. He can reach the Godly state through Love. He/she can be good by virtue and knowledge.

Human is the worst and greatest species of the world. He/she has the ability to reach such states. He/she has to strengthen his/her knowledge and live as a human being first. Then should lead a matured life.

Who has pleasant state of mind and who has matured mind is only called Human. Humanity will grow only If he/she live like this way. And the love will emerge if humanity grows.

Everyone can lead a peacefully life by growing Love and can realise the communism nature of the Lord.