Our Approach

We strive to develop peace among people and unite them henceforth ensure the togetherness of mankind.

Co-operative and collaborative team work will produce great result, hence is our approach in developing humanity, good thoughts and good behaviour among people.

Main goal is to develop goodness in human nature and develop the count of such qualified humans in the world.

Save Humanity and grow humanity is and will be the prime driving force of this approach.


Inhumanity is the major problem of this world.

Humans are not being human, and they don’t have basic human nature at all. This flaw is found in more than 90% of people of this world. Moreover they were selfish and unkind to each other.

Sexual harassments become common and natural incident of the world.

Business become money oriented, service orientation found missing. There is no availability of natural foods, and the world market is occupied by dangerously adulterated foods.

Terrorism is the major threat to the peace of the mankind and the world. Explosives, chemical weapons, biological warfare, nuclear weapons add value to this major threat. “Selfless humans, complete humans with their qualified nature”, will solve the above mentioned problems of the world.

This completeness in humans will resolve many issues of the mankind, will grow humanity, will protect humanity and will ensure the growth of humanity in all people.


"Spirituality is our method. Godliness will be our destination regardless of caste or religion. Spread spiritual awareness and divinity among people is our prime goal. Such service will yield peace and calm to them. Self and personality development in humans will be the obvious results of this methodology."

Our Formulae: Love + Kindness + Service Motto = Peace

Our Motto: Bring the bundle of good thoughts in every human mind. Crush the three major obstacles called ego, desire and ignorance.

We guide to practice

    1. Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gnana [ Wisdom ] Yoga

    2. Siddha- Yogic techniques

        a. Pranayama

        b. Meditation

        c. Yogasanas

We also guide to practice techniques which will help to attain heaven and bliss i.e. Unite the individual soul to the holy feet of the almighty called GOD. We guide awareness on the surrendering of individual person to the almighty called GOD.

We conduct Pooja’s, Satsang’s, personality development programs and also volunteer ourselves to serve our mankind.

“All Over the World” is where we work, since our prime goal is bring peace among people of this world. We work together; work individually to spread social awareness, spiritual awareness, humanity, love, peace, quality thoughts among people which will ensure and stabilize the “Peace in the World”.

Where we work...


Personality development, development of humanity, bring and improve positivity of mind and destroy the karma effects of every individual are the scope of our mission relative individual people.

Additional scopes includes destruction of the three major setbacks of humans respectively the ego, desire and ignorance. Also includes bringing social awareness, making people understand the importance of public service, spread love, spread kindness and make people understand the truth that service to humanity is equal to serving the GOD.

Collective effect of the above scopes will help to achieve our global goal of “Build Dharma, Destroy Adharma and Stabilise Dharma”.

  • Activities

    The organisation members will be given information about the activities in their respective places. The members will not be forced or compelled to do any act. It will be of their interest and with their full cooperation. Every member will be ensured with their freedom.
  • Get Involved

    After viewing all the above information about organisations goals, functions, progress etc., anybody or everybody who are interested in participating can get involved in our organisation. There are no restrictions as we are the people for the social welfare and spread awareness to people.
  • Impact

    Our approach and methodology which give importance to the kindness and humanity will firmly achieve our prime goal of world peace, growth of divinity and world wealth. World will be fulfilled with divine love and divine blessing as everyone become divine and calm. Equanimity, equality and friendliness will be ensured among people and countries.
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Fund a Centre:

The funds given to organisation will be distributed to the places where natural calamities took place, will take place. Will be utilised to develop yoga centre, social service centre, spiritual awareness centre, the arrangements of satsang’s, Guru Shri Sarathy Trust, Kaliyuga Kalki Trust, School Service Centre etc.,


Everyone who is interested to extend their helping hand can register with us using their identity. There is no restriction.

Contact Us

Guru Shri R. Parthasarathy [ Kalki Ramiah ]

7, Rajaman Street,
CRM Nagar, Karayanchavadi, Poonamalle
Chennai - 600 056.