A observer named God

God observes every one, all the time.Good and bad happens to human based on their karma. God never interferes in it, just observes this, and is his act.

God never decides fate of anyone. Every human being decide their own fate and one experiences the result of his own act You reap what you sow. There were two results called good and bad

One should take birth to experience good and bad results of his own Karma. No one do neither good or bad always. So, he keep on takes birth to enjoy the good and bad results of his own acts. Hence the birth cycle continues.

God never decides and is not responsible to the number of births of human beings. Only the humans and their karmas are the sole reason for their rebirths.

Those who are united to the glorious feet of God will not take rebirths. God just observes this. You must do good deeds If you want good results. And you must change. If you act bad, will experience bad definitely.

Many worry that they “ I always experience bad though I do good. But those who act bad receive good “. Fact is that no one knows the collection and combination of karmas and its results. Karmas that we did today, yesterday, earlier birth, did by ancestors, did by our parents work together. And is being faced by a person in his/her current birth.

To both men and women the karmas of his/her, own, parents, ancestors, earlier births come as his/her current fruit of karma. He/she may get bad things even after his/her good acts. It is due to the balance effects of combinations of fruits of karma. We do not know what karma we are enjoying now.

So no one shouldn't compare them with others as it will lead to wrong conclusion. Since it is sure that everyone experience the results of their own karma. And the God just observes this. God never decides anyone's fate. Only their act, thought, speech decides the fate.

So the good deeds will yield good results to anyone. But one must conquer this good karma also. i.e. should conquer both bad and good karmas. Then only he/she can unite with the Lotus feet of the Lord.

God is a Realist

Many see the God as fulfiller of their wishes and resolver of issues. And they visit temple, worship the lord in the perspective that God can do anything and do miracles. But the Lord is very, very realistic and practical.

For this reason, not only the atheist even the theist raise question, " Does God exist? “. More debate and logical conversations are still going on the topic. Everyone struggle to see the Lord. But the truth is that God is a realist. Not only humans, also every species of this world must benefit based on their karmas is his rule.

Fate is decided though the 9 planets. Fate of humans is decided even before they born. i.e. during the formation of the foetus itself the fate is decided. The outcome of everyone’s karma is merged with their Soul. We can say that these karmas are the true disease of the soul. The birth and death cycle continues until the fruits of karma continues.

Will the fruits of these karmas exhausted? No, since the human beings continuously do karmas. Every species do karmas and no species is there without doing karmas.

Every karma is acting continuously. Counter reactions happen with respect to karma. For his every action one experience the respective result. “ Give what you want to get to others “, is a famous quote. You reap what you sow is the meaning of it.

It is very certain that sinners will gain sin. How?. Whatever the seeds are covered in the soil, the crop will show to the world about the type of seed that has been sow. In the same way, everyone must experience the effects of their own act, either it is bad or good. The rest of the fruits of karma will continue in the next birth if it doesn't exhaust in the current life.

It will keep on continue even if it doesn't exhaust in the next birth also. Since the karmas don't leave the human souls and these are the major reason for the continuous births. We must born again to experience the outcomes of these good and bad karmas. One will be liberated at the end of this karma cycle.

What are those two-fold deeds? the good and bad karmas are they. These two will yield births says sage Thiruvalluvar . The darkness is what gives birth says he. That's why he says those who unite with the holy feet of the Lord will get liberated and beatified.

For this purpose alone, the effects of karmas should be removed from human beings. For this we need to get the blessings of the reverend Guru. With the help of reverend Guru alone we can remove the effects of karmas. Else no human can remove the effects of their own karmas. For this to happen forms the fate of formation of Guru. God makes it to happen.

Any act by speech or activity or thoughts is Karma. Karma pays back the results to every human and every species. The effects of these karmas are very severe. Fate is decided and this world functions based on this. Gives them the continuous births. This is realism.

The fruits of karmas must be experienced by the atheist, by yogi and by any species. GOD has framed such a rule and it is very, very realistic. People should understand this reality first. After that they should pray to GOD to relieve from these Karma effects. Thiruvalluvar says, first let your wish to get rid of Karma. Since every karma starts basically from there.

Thiruvalluvar asks here to search for a way to cut down the effects of our karmas. Everything will be attained by desiring to be without desire says he. One will get liberated if he is free from desires says sage Thiruvalluvar.

Sage Thiruvalluvar claims that every devastation starts from the desire. So we all should understand that the Lord is a realist.

He who became also a mother

God is mother and father. Love, affection and kindness are at supreme state with the God than with a mother. Love of mother towards her child will be expansive and remarkable. But God's love is superior than mother's love.

How? Mother shows more love only to her child. She doesn't show love towards others child in the same amount. Her mind is not that much broad. We can find many narrow minded mothers like this.

Though she's a woman, a mother doesn't show more love to others child as that of hers. The word " step-motherly treatment " came because of this only. We have seen that the step mother who comes after the death of a mother tortures the baby. Not all women are like this. But a mother doesn't show love to others child as that of hers.

God is not like that. The love of god is unconditional and infinite kind. Because God is infinite and he don't have any boundaries. He exist here, there and everywhere. He holds everything and everyone within him, and he considers all people as his children.

Only the god can become, a mother, a father, a lover and a friend. None other can be. Hence the Alwars and Nayanmars has seen the God as their child, mother, father, husband and friend. They have seen the god in all ways and paid their devotion.

So, the god can only become any, unconditionally. He only is the Baktha Vatsalan [[ servicer to the servicer ]. No one is equivalent to the god.

In the language Tamil they say in a order mother, father, guru and god . But the true order is God, Guru, Father and Mother. Because god is the mother of mother, father and guru. Because god is everything.

God is the only highness. No one can replace or fulfil his place. His place will never become vacant. He is the one who existed , is existing, is going to exist forever. He is the only and highly qualified mother of the universe. So, let us all worship the god and attain goodness.