Does God exist? = Yes

YES, GOD do EXIST. God is Omnipresent. Exists here, there, everywhere and in everything. God is hidden inside the soul and he is hidden inside us.

“Where does the God exist in this world?” Is the question of human. God is not visible to our eyes easily. So there came a group saying that God doesn’t exist. We don’t see stars in the noon, but able to see them in the night. Those same stars exist in the noon also, but due to sun light they become invisible. It is not wise to say that stars doesn’t exist because of this. In the same way, It is not wise to say that God doesn’t exist.

In the same way, the Sun which exist always becomes invisible in the night, since the earth revolves around sun and also rotates around its own axis. When the earth is on the opposite side of Sun, it becomes night and hence it is not

visible. Denying the existence of God is ignorance like denying the existence of Sun in the night. It is not rational to say that God doesn’t exist, and those who say so are also not rationalist.

The Sun neither rise nor sets and it exist always. Because of the revolution and rotation of earth around Sun and itself, it looks like sun rises and sets from the earth. This is science, science and wisdom are one. Many think that wisdom is beyond science, but to prove wisdom only came the science. To prove the power of God came this science.

God is Omnipresent, exists here, there and everywhere always. There is no such place that God don't exist. God exists as sky, as wind, as water, as fire and as this earth. God exist as everything, he is atom by atom and he is huge by huge. He exist in pillar and even in a particle of dust. What is the proof of existence of God? whatever we see is the exposure of God. All exposures of nature are exposure of God only. Many don’t see in that perspective and respect it, thats why say “God doesn’t exist”. God exist in breath and exist as breath, he exist as life force, he is hidden inside the soul and he is hidden inside us.

Humankind is one, God is one

Whatever name we call, God is one and is beyond religions. Similarly the humankind is also one regardless of race, religion, language or class.

One humankind means that all human beings of this world belong to one mankind. There is no division based on caste, religion, race or language.

There exists only one God to all human beings (and to the universe) is the meaning of God is one. All ( creations ) are equal before God and there is no divisions.

Humans live in group by nature. They gave different names to God and worshipped depending on the quality, ethnicity, language and culture of the people. They also experienced benefits for such worships.

All religions worship the same God in many different ways. Some religion say God is formless and says he is Omnipresence. Some religion calls God as Father of Heaven.

In the same way religion Hindu says that God is Omnipresence, God as supreme head and it calls God by many names like Lord Siva , Brahma, Vishnu, Aadhi Parasakthi, Aadhi Moolam, Moola Viththu etc., and many thousands of names.

Religion Hindu is like the ocean and other religions were like the rivers. It has light, form, formless, male, female and many kind of God worships.

If we say the God as Allah or as Supreme Root and Supreme or as father of heaven, all are one only. So we actually worship the same God even if we call by different names, and the God is beyond religions.

Humans only have rationality and hence are capable to attain wisdom. Rationality leads to grow Intellect. Intellect grows and matures as wisdom. All such capable humans should unite without diversity, worship the God and attain Mukthi.

The Lord likes this only and don't like divisions. He is in hope that humans will finally reach him though there are many kind of worships. All religions say this truth. No need of religious differences here and humans don't need religions either. All people of the world can be of one religion called “ God is one ”.

The God is one, he is Paramathma and all others are Jeevathma. All these Jeevathma’s to unite with god is their benefit of birth. Our sages and rishis has showed us the path called spirituality to attain this.

We should all find the right Guru and follow the right spiritual path. Let us all chant “ Humankind is one ; God is one “ together.

How and where to realise God?

If we realise " Who am I? ", we can find our leader “ The God ” who lies at the Crown chakra of our head. Guidance of Guru is mandatory to achieve it.

We can see everything through our eyes but unable to see it on our own. We can see our eyes only through the image in the mirror. In the same way, we don’t see and realise the soul which lies within our body. Because of this fact only we don’t realise the God.

God is Supreme and exist everywhere in the world. The one called soul exists only within this body. Soul is not visible to eyes, but can be seen through realisation. We can realise the wind but can't see it. So came the Idol worship for human visualisation and realisation. God can be worshipped in visible and invisible forms, as Light and Omnipresence.

"I am the all, I am the root and the end, I am the Omnipresent, I am the people, the tree, the plant and I am everything", says Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. He

says, ” I reside in all the people “. How come God reside in every people? He is hidden within every people is its meaning. Not only in people, God is hidden within every species. Spirituality helps to realise the God. If one can realise himself, can realise the God. “ Who am I? … I am a Soul. From where did I come? ... I came from the God ”, is spirituality

Sage Thiruvalluvar mentions here the 1008 petaled wisdom flower which lies at the Crown chakra of our head as flower in this couplet.

Head is most important part of our eight foot body is an proverb. Holy feet of the God is available in our head. To reveal this important truth only, Lord Shriman Narayana kept his third foot step over the head of Emperor Mahabali on his Vamana incarnation.

The obstacles behind the unition of soul to the holy feet of the God are ignorance, ego, desire. First comes the ignorance and then ego is formed, from ego evolves the desire.Desires make us to do more karmas [ good and sinful acts ]. And these karmas become the obstacle to reach God, becomes the reason of our many births.

So, we can swim against this rebirth by unite to the holy feet of God. “ When should we unite to the lotus feet of God? … is it after death? … No, we should unite to God while we are alive”, is spirituality.

Hence spirituality helps one to realise him/her self and the almighty. One should find the right Guru, follow his spiritual teachings promptly, realise self and unite with the God.

Can see the God

YES, we all can see the GOD. If we don't have ego within us, can see the God. If we have ego within us, we will never see the God.

Ego, desire and ignorance are the obstacles not only to see god but also to unite with the God. That's why our ancestors said, " If 'I' die, you can become Lord Shiva ”. i.e. If I die, God is revealed. “ When the ego is gone, The Lord Shiva in you is revealed ”, is its meaning.

Advaitha is one of the Hindu principles. They would say “ I GOD, Aham Brahmasmi “. But “ I am God ” is NOT THE MEANING to phrase “ Aham Brahmasmi “. The exact meaning of the phrase is “ When there is no “ self centred egoistic “I”; then God exists there “

The word “ Adiyaen " is generally used by Vaishnavite. Servant of God is its meaning. i.e. They were the servant of the God who resides within everyone is the internal meaning of it.

That's why they have the habit of saying " Adiyen Ramanujan “ or “ Adiyaen Kesavan” or “ Adiyaen Madhavan “. This is the practice and path to crush and destruct our ego. This habit is practiced to develop humbleness which kills the egoistic “ I “ in them.

Be humble to God. Since the God exist in every species, be humble to all species. Vaishnavites use “ Adiyen “ to emphasis this truth only. The Lord himself is a servant of his servants and he is full of unconditional love.

Destruction of ego is a basic principle of religion Hindu and is not only restricted to Vaishnavite’s and Saivite’s. Ego must be destructed, till that we cannot see the God. Having ego within us and search for God, we won’t find him.

When we give up our ego and desire, then we become eligible to see and reach the God. When we come out of ignorance and realise the God rationally, then we can unite with the holy feet of the Almighty.

Ego, Desire and Ignorance are the three faeces which become obstacles to see and reach the God. With the guidance and blessings of a Guru we can get away from the feaces and can see the God.