Our Aim

Create Yogis, develop divine nature in people, spread wisdom, develop humanity and love, stabilise dharma and thus make the world peaceful.

We strive to help the human beings to attain highly qualified blissful state by revealing the truth of spirituality, creating spiritual awareness and its importance and educating them the right spiritual path.

Motivate people to destroy their desire and awake them to “ love other lives as their own through” perfect spiritual guidance. Such a precious thought and awareness will make people to love every human and species which will lead to the world peace.

Our Aprroach

Spirituality is our path and make the entire world aware of true spirituality is our approach to stabilise the peace in world.

“Discern the truth in every thing as it is “ is the right way of understanding any aspect. We help people to understand the true meaning of spirituality and its profound concepts

Educating people about the truth of Paramathma, Jeevathma, Karma, Birth, Death, Birthless State - Liberation, Ignorance, Ego, Desire, Love, Mercy, Clemency, Humanity etc., Make them interested to ask for questions and we clarifying.

Clear understanding of spirituality will bring virtue, quality thoughts, maturity of mind and love in human beings. Love alone will exist in the purified mind post that awareness. Then the persons who look physically like human will become and behave as a true human being.


Inhumanity and absence of love is the major problem of this world. Humans are not being human, they physically look like human but the basic human nature is missing.

This flaw is found in more than 90% of people of this world. Moreover they were selfish and unkind to each other.

Sexual harassments become common and natural incident of the world. Business become money minded and the one with service minded is found missing. There is no availability of natural foods, and the world market is occupied by dangerously adulterated foods.Terrorism is the major threat to the peace of world. Explosives, chemical weapons, biological warfare, nuclear weapons add value to this major threat.

“Selfless humans, complete humans with quality thoughts”, will solve all the above mentioned problems of the world.

Why Love?

Love will develop humanity, will shower mercy and is the dharma which the entire world should follow.

Love will live for others and social wellness, and the absence of Love will live for self. God loves social wellness, those who sacrifice and live for it lives in the heart of people.

Love is the essential one to all, and is much different than desire. Many people mistakenly think that both were same. Love is found with God and it is God. God is full of unconditional Love. We can see the God in love and he lives in a loving heart as in the temple.

Love itself is a virtue. Hence if love exist, it will make all live and will stabilise dharma in the world. There will be not be any divisions. No one will hurt anyone.

Wisdom will enlighten the unconditional love in every mind.

Why Wisdom?

The light of wisdom will remove the darkness called ignorance alias Illusion, ego and desire of the mankind.

Ignorance is the root of ego and desire. Ego gets initiated in a person through ignorance, from that ego evolve the desire. Hence the selfish - egoist thought of "I want this, I want that, I want power , I am the best and greatest …“ arise. These kind of desires and egoism exploit the human kind and makes human unkind to each other.

“Desire is the root of all suffering “ said Buddha. We can realise this truth by experience. Buddha vanished but his teachings will never.

Thiruvalluvar call the ignorance, ego and desire as " three feces “.

Which pain?, the pain called " birth " will be no more says sage Thiruvalluvar. To attain birth-less state, to liberate, one should cross over these three feces. Once the wisdom light glows within, one can attain this higher state.

By destroying the ignorance, ego and desire, the light of wisdom enlightens love in humans and helps mankind to liberate.

How to Wisdom? = Guru

Wisdom light which destroys the primary darkness called ignorance should be learned from the right Guru.

“No one can easily view the Trinity. Who has seen Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu?. Even there is debate on whether God do exist or not. Everyone worship the God on basis of faith. But the Guru is like the God, one who we see through eyes.

A guru makes his student a great intellect and clarifies his/her disciple. Hence one should approach the right Guru and follow the ways to cross over all the feces and should attain wisdom.

Who is Guru?

Reverend person who is capable to remove the blindness, ignorance, ego and desire of disciple is Guru.

One should beg the Guru with garland of golden flowers to stay with him and not go away; Should ask him “ What is Undying Leg and unbaked head “ and validate his answers. One who knows the answer to “ Undying Leg and unbaked head ? ” Is Guru.

A guru makes his student a great intellect and clarifies his/her disciple. Hence one should approach the right Guru and follow the ways to cross over all the feces and should attain wisdom.

Guru is who, can give us wisdom, can remove ego, desire and karma, is capable to remove our two-fold deeds called good act and sinful act, can help us to traverse the ocean of birth, can show the Lord and can help the disciple to unite the holy feet of the Lord.

Since the Guru is such a divine and glorious one to show us the Trinity forms of the God namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, our ancestors worshiped the Guru in the state of God. We should find such reverend Guru and should follow his teachings.