World Peace lies in love. YES

Love will develop humanity, shower mercy. Hence, Love is the dharma which the whole world should follow.

If love and virtue in the household reign,
This is of life the perfect grace and gain
   Thirukkural - 45

Love itself is a virtue. Hence if love exist, the world will have dharma. There will be not be any divisions. All species of the world would live in peace. No one will hurt any.

World will live in peace if Love and mercy persists in the whole world. Peace of world lies in the love and mercy. That's why it is pronounced ... "God is Love".

God is full of Love and it is unconditional one. Hence the love is God. So, God lives in the hearts with full of Love, mercy and humanity.We can see the God in mercy. He lives in the merciful heart like a temple.

Hence, Love is the essential one to all. This love is not of wish or anxious kind. If it is so then it would be called as desire. Love is much different than desire, many think both are same.

Love makes all live and will stabilise the dharma in the world. It has mercy, clemency and is very kind. It is found with God and it is God.

Wisdom enlightens the unconditional love in every one.

Love is the fountain of happiness

Love is the Light of world

Love is the greatest power of the world

because God is Love

Wisdom will lit Love within us by removing our ignorance, ego and desire.

Makes us selfless and service oriented person

Wisdom will remove ignorance

The light of wisdom will remove the darkness called ignorance. Illusion alias ignorance will leave, once

the wisdom light glows within oneself. Ego gets initiated from a person through ignorance, from that ego spawns the desire.

Selfish - egoist thought of "I want this, I want that “ and all arise. “ Desire is the root of all suffering “ said by Buddha. These kind of desires exploit the human kind. We can realise this truth by experience.

We should relieve from the darkness called ignorance, ego and desire. Thiruvalluvar call them as " three feces “.

When lust and wrath and error's triple tyranny is o'er,
Their very names for aye extinct, then pain shall be no more.
   Thirukkural - 360

Which pain?, the pain called " birth " will be no more says Thiruvalluvar. To attain birth-less state, to liberate, one should cross over these three feces. Once the wisdom light glows in, one can.

Lowest and meanest lore, that bids men trust secure,
In things that pass away, as things that shall endure!.
   Thirukkural - 331

The light of wisdom will remove the darkness called ignorance. Then it will remove the ego and desire. So, wisdom light is the prime and the most important. We should learn wisdom from the right master. He will remove our ignorance (a) darkness (a) blindness.

They seek not the Guru that cures blindness
They seek the Guru that cures not blindness;
The blind and the blind in a blind dance shuffled
And the blind and the blind in a deep pit together fell.
   Thirumanthiram - 1680

So, the one who is able to remove the blindness called ignorance is only the master. We can obtain the wisdom light from such master and ignite it within us. Our Guru Shree Parthasarathy will help us to lit the “Wisdom Light” and cross over the three feces.